The Most Anticipated MMOs of 2019

Massively multi player or otherwise The Most Anticipated MMOs of 2019

Postby AndonSage » Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:35 pm

In case anyone cares :lol: I did notice that Camelot Unchained is listed here, so those of you that contributed to the Kickstarter can hopefully play it :thumbup: The Most Anticipated MMOs of 2019

Another year, another list of the games we hope don’t suck in 2019. MMOs have been waiting what seems forever to get something new, and this year there is no shortage of upcoming games to look forward to. The question is - will any of them actually release in 2019, or will it be another year of waiting for the next big thing?

The following list is a collection of games that we expect to enter Early Access or Full Release in 2019. If you don’t see your most-wanted on the list, it just means that we’ve been led to believe that it won’t be coming until 2020 (Ashes of Creation, Pantheon, Star Citizen, Ship of Heroes,City of Titans and more are all expected to land later than 2019).

That doesn’t mean that all of these will launch this year either, as we all well know that shipping dates for MMORPGs are nebulous. Here we go! In no particular order...

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