LOTRO Roster [29-Sep-2011]

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LOTRO Roster [29-Sep-2011]

Postby Cindy » Wed Mar 28, 2007 6:18 pm


Player Name Character Name Class Notes
Arkahm Glomosi Guardian explorer
Avenger Simradil
Avenger Tamilir
Derine Kinadaelu Elf Minstrel
Derine Derine Elf Hunter
Derine Saena Human Guardian
Derine Jaldainea Human Loremaster
Fardaza Fardaza human lore-master tinker
Fardaza Endralynn human burglar historian
Fardaza Rhenaya hobbit hunter explorer
Fardaza Saryena elf guardian woodsman
Fardaza Wynndor human champion armorer
Ladiedie Ladiedie 58 Minstrel
Ladiedie Galihad 55 Guardian
Ladiedie Justyn 54 Hunter
Ladiedie Theobob 54 Captain
Leif Lothlosse Elven Minstrel Yeoman
Leif * Arrian Human Loremaster Historian
Leif Beeswort Thistleburr Halfling Hunter Woodsman
Leif Barrian Human Captain Tinker
Leif Arrikins Halfling Guardian Armorer
Lysianassa * Lysianna elven Hunter Master Cook
Lysianassa * Edonia Human Champion Loremaster
Lysianassa Kaie Elf Minstrel Tailor
Lysianassa Bakawali Hobbit Burglar
Lysianassa * Gwenhwyfer Human Loremaster Jeweller
Lysianassa Thryduulf Warden
Pathfinder Pathalone Human Champion
Ralt Rudgeren Human Captain
Ralt Ralt Dwarf Minstrel
Ralt Samia elf hunter
Ralt Scufo Burglar
Ralt Gwendoline Human Loremaster Historian
Ralt Rufustus Human Champion Weaponsmith
Reahan Reahan Elf Hunter
Reahan Breah Human Captain
Reahan Marafey Human Burglar
Reahan Sareah Human Guardian
Reahan Sereah Elf Minstrel
Rome * Fuchsia Halfling Burglar
Rome Galwyddan Human Champion
Rome Hodor Dwarf Guardian
Rome Pengalan Captain
Rome Serery Human Minstrel
Rome Tristo Halfling Hunter
Tamita Cerita
Tamita Tamita
Vicki Brethwyn Human Captain Metalsmith
Vicki Brijitte Human Lore Master
Vicki Drizwald Dwarf Guardian S-M Cook and Jeweler
Vicki Iviara Human Minstrel Tailor
Vicki Javiel Elf Hunter (L13)
Vicki Theera Elf Lore-Master (L60) Supreme Scholar
Vicki Vindali Dwarf Rune Keeper
Vicki * Valdarien Elf Rune-Keeper (L60) Supreme Master Woodworker and Weaponsmith
Wendy Galarhad Elf Warden
Wendy Galarin Human Captain (L40) Master Metalsmith
Wendy Galerin Dwarf Champion (L10) Weaponsmith
Wendy Galerio Hobbit Guardian (L12)
Wendy Galorhin Dwarf Rune-Keeper
Wendy Gwenhwyfar Elven Hunter Woodworker
Wendy Lacrimosa Elven Minstrel (L55) Tailor
Wendy Medecihn Elven Lore-Master (L15) Scholar
Wynn Jorlyn Human Captain
Zyvalla * Aavog Man loremaster supreme master weaponsmith and supreme scholar/ farmer and in weaponsmith guild
Zyvalla * Belletonya elf hunter supreme master jeweler/ cook/ prospector and in jeweler guild
Zyvalla * Fyrelily hobbit warden supreme woodworker/ prospector and in woodworking guild
Zyvalla * Olyn dwarf guardian armorsmith
Zyvalla * Shanne man captain
Zyvalla * Zyvalla Hobbit Burglar supreme master tailor/ prospector/ forester and in tailor guild


Player Name Character Name Class Notes
Avenger ??? ???
Tamita ??? ???

Nimrodel (no HA... yet)

Wendy Medecihn Hobbit Minstrel Tailor

Gilrain (Euro server)

Tzaj Tzajaran Elf Guardian

HA Candidates. Please try and get to know them in game...

None right now

On belonging to a crafting guild:

Zyvalla wrote:Being in a craftng guild gives access to some new recipes. Most of them are timed recipes to give the single-shot recipes as crit rewards guaranteed. For example, for weaponsmith, Aav can make a Peerless Thain's weapon once a week. It takes the same components as the normal try, but with an added large weaponsmith pattern from the guild recipe, and both the weapon and the pattern are on a 1 week timer. Some items can be done every day or 3 days, but nothing is unlimited.



cece, Aridis, Elf Guardian
cece, Giada, Elf Champion
cece, Natori, Elf Hunter
cece, Charlize, Woman Captain
cece, Alicia, Elf Minstrel
Cryth(?), Josefina, Human Lore-Master
* Cindy, Sinda, Elven Champion, Crafting:weaponsmithing (CST)
* Cindy, Cinwen, Elven Hunter, Woodsman
* Cindy, Sinarwyn, Human minstrel, Tinker, 30
* Cindy, Cinbeth, Human Captain, tbd

Entropyembrace, Teradal, Elven Champion
Entropyembrace, Arinhild, Human Hunter
frede,Kennicotti, Elf Minstrel
frede,Toebiter, Hobbit Hunter
frede,Lineatus, Elf Lore-Master
frede,Accipiter, Human Guardian
Fionne, Kirrel
Gary, Kristi, Woman Hunter, Woodsman
Gary, Jalil, Elf Lore-master, Historian
Gary, Garold, Dwarf Guardian, Armourer
Gary, Kira, Hobbit Burglar, Tinker
Kacey, Suzanna, Human Captain
Kacey, Kristjana, Human Guardian
Katier, ???????, Guardian <- please provide your char info
Katier, Eicio
Katier, Katier, Hunter
Katier, Sumal
Kiroho, Kirodir
Lord Winter, Alloric, Human Captain
Lord Winter, Gealyn, Human Guardian (or Gaelyn?)
Lord Winter, Khoren, Dwarven Champion
Lord Winter, Sharwryn, Elf Champion
Lord Winter, Tisha, Hobbit Burgler
Mats, Mordaunt, lvl 16 man captain (around Bree), Explorer
Mats, Donquereth, lvl 22 elven guardian (around Bree), Armorsmith
Mats, Donquesse, lvl 8 elven huntress
Mats, Mats, lvl 10 man loremaster
Mats, Maikarant, lvl 11 elven champion, Weaponsmith
Isabelle, Elli, hobbit minstrel
Isabelle, Cassi, woman hunter
Isabelle, Gwena, elf champion
Isabelle, Kyri, human loremaster
Isabelle, Lyria, hobbit burglar(ess)
Isabelle, Faelle, human captain
Isabelle, Meghaera, hobbit guardian
Razzle,Qala, Elf Hunter, tbd
Razzle,Groot, Hobbit Minstrel, tbd
Sandiria, Ariannia, Champion
Sandiria, Sandiria, Minstrel
Shailas, Shailas, Man, Loremaster
Shailas, Solaraa, Elf, Hunter
Shailas, Kanser, Woman, Captain
Q, Fligagioo, Burglar
Q, Eduleuq, ???
Ub-ick, Ubick, Elf LoreMaster
Wireless Mouse, Chrysantha, Hobbit Minstrel
Wireless Mouse, Arnbjorn, Dwarf Guardian
Wireless Mouse, Marinor, Elf Lore-master
Wireless Mouse, Gervais, Hobbit Burglar
Wireless Mouse, Scyld, Human Hunter

* Denotes an officer or guild leader.
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Re: LOTRO Roster [29-Sep-2011]

Postby WendyG » Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:54 am

All right then. All caught up for now. :thumbup:

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Re: LOTRO Roster [29-Sep-2011]

Postby Maralea » Thu Sep 29, 2011 11:09 pm

My toonses are:
Maralea: elfie minstrel, woodworker
Vinriel: elfie champ, cook/jeweler
Marlea: hobbit hunter, tailor
Tathara: elfie rune-keeper, explorer
Mellaviel, elfie loremaster, historian
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Re: LOTRO Roster [29-Sep-2011]

Postby Gnar » Fri Oct 14, 2011 2:59 am

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Re: LOTRO Roster [29-Sep-2011]

Postby Xandin » Thu Dec 15, 2011 11:07 pm

Well here goes for LOTRO
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Re: LOTRO Roster [29-Sep-2011]

Postby ralt » Fri Dec 16, 2011 1:15 pm

Welcome to the boards Xandin :)
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