Everquest 2 player roster (last updated 06 January 14)

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Everquest 2 player roster (last updated 06 January 14)

Postby WendyG » Sun Sep 17, 2006 9:08 pm

Add your character's name, class and, if you want to, crafting details. Not doing levels any more, takes too much time to maintain.


AndonSage, Crane, Monk (placeholder for a future character)
AndonSage, Kristi, Conjuror, Sage
AndonSage, Garold, Berserker, Armorsmith
AndonSage, Caidan, Ranger, Woodworker
AndonSage, Himachi, Bruiser, Artisan
AndonSage, Jaeri, Dirge, Carpenter
AndonSage, Jalil, Illusionist, Alchemist
AndonSage, Stoff, Fury, Provisioner
AndonSage, Gobb, Defiler, Jeweler
AndonSage, Kirali, Warlock, Tailor
AndonSage, Sslak, Shadowknight, Weaponsmith
Andrew, Ralt, Warden
Andrew, Raltas, Ranger
Andrew, Rudgeren, Troubador
Andrew, Samia, Paladin
Arkahm, Pejoed, Ratonga Necro, Alchemist
Arkahm, Fiideeg, Sarnak Inquisitor, Sage/Transmuter
Cindy, Annanda, Conjuror
Cindy, Sinda, Mystic
Cindy, Valea, Necromancer
Chris, Arieal, Wizard, tradeskill TBD
Cryth, Patches, Assassin
Derine, Nayra, warden, sage
Derine, Saena, paladin, armorer
Derine, Iinladarea, ranger to be, woodworker
Derine, Jaldainea, mystic, provisoner
Derine, Xalaena, wizard to be, jewelcrafter
Derine, Kinadaelu, cleric
Doc, Anumberone, Beserker, Armorer
Doc, Averasti, Dirge, Provisioner
Doc, Asterius, Fury, Sage
Doc, Badillia, Channeler, Provisioner
Doc, Bookmobile, Mystic, Provisioner
Doc, Bugaboo, Wizard, Provisioner
Doc, Cirquesolakuna, Illusionist, Provisioner
Doc, Contuzhaa, SK, Provisioner
Doc, Crowbait, Swash, Carpenter (95), Adorner (max)
Doc, Hammerstaff, Paladin, Weaponsmith (95), Tinkerer (max)
Doc, Kadamia, Conjuror, Alchemist (95)
Doc, Kaydenaar, Beastlord, Provisioner
Doc, Kenabrae, Ranger, Woodworker
Doc, Methuselah, Bruiser (95), Tailor (95)
Doc, Ominessah, Assassin, Jeweler
Fardaza, Jharnute, Conjurer, Tailor
Fardaza, Sardoxz, Paladin, Armorer
Fardaza, Rhenaya, Wizard, Provisioner
Fardaza, Pharika, Bruiser, ?
Fionne, Fione, ??? Monk
Frede, Kennicotti, Warden,
Frede, Toebiter, ???, Provisioner
Gnar, Gnar, shadowknight
Gulwolf, Ganalen, Monk, Tailor
Gulwolf, Gulwolf, Conjuror, Jeweller - DoE
Mrs Gulwolf, Autumnmist, Warden - DoE
Isabelle, Caryo, Templar
Isabelle, Cassiara, Defiler
Isabelle, Ellara, Monk
Isabelle, Elli, Wizard, Tailor
Isabelle, Karaliya, Swashbuckler, Alchemist
Isabelle, Kiya, Ranger, Provisioner
Isabelle, Lirra, Fury
Katier, Katier, Monk, Jeweler
Katier, Eicio, Fury
Katier, Sharny - Coercer
Katier, Sinta - Conjurer
Katier, Ssina - Shadowknight
Kiroho, Kironegra, Wizard
Kiroho, Roho, Bruiser
Lord Winter, Brek, Guardian
Lord Winter, Rapia, Bruiser, Tailor
Lord Winter, Wynter, Fury
Lysianassa, Ejial, Ranger
Lysianassa, Malerien, Necromancer
Lysianassa, Lysianna, Conjuror
Lysianassa, Lysianasa, Templar
Lysianassa, Ukiijia, Assassin
Lysianassa, Edonia, Warlock
Lysianassa, Alvarie, Monk
Lysianassa, Ashiara, Berserker
Marie D'Ancanto, Marieedri - Illusionist
Mats, Mordaunt, 18 Ratonga Troubadour (FP)
Mats, Zeven, Kerran Ranger (Q)
Mats, Orel, Human Guardian (FP)
mats, Donquesse, Fae Enchanter
Mats, Habakuk, Troll Shaman (FP)
Mats, Lucretiae, Erudite Templar (Q)
Minimoo, Kellypretty, Ranger
Minimoo, Miniael, Mystic
Minimoo, Minimoo, Wizard
Mizpah, Mizpah, ?
Mizpah, Mistic, ?
Mojo, Padder, Kerra Swashbuckler - Sacrifice
Mojo, Philippa, ???
Mojo, Pira, Ogre Bruiser
Mojo Pippster, really tiny zerker
Nocturnal, Jogu, Pally ...Likes: Long walks on the beach, scented candles and daisies
Nocturnal, Ormi, Fury .... Dislikes: Jogu
Padraigh, Feghann, Uber level 70 Coercer!
Padraigh, Padraigh, shadowknight
Pathfinder, Pathgarn, Paladin
Phepia, Phepia, Conjurer
Phepia, Pecissa, Dirge
Pooz, various Poozes!
Q, Eduleuq, Dirge
Q, Kyoo, Paladin
Q, Fligahgigoo, Mystic
Reahan- Reahan, Swashbuckler, Provisioner
Reahan-Sereah, Shadowknight, Armorer
Reahan-Leenne, Guardian, Carpenter
Reahan-Mareah, Inquistor, Sage
rickntammy, Mizpah is my main Fury- Sage
rickntammy, Asefea (evil) Bruiser- Tailor
rickntammy, Uforia Troubador- Woodworker
rickntammy, Mistic (Fae) Troubador- ???
Rome, Fuchsia, Swashbuckler
Rome, Kruncher, Bruiser
Rome, Asilan, Conjuror
Rome, Jaogi, Guardian
Rome, Arethial, Templar
Rome, Eserita, Warden
Rub, DaRub, Wizzy
Rub, DaNyb, Assassin
Rub, Ruub, Zerker
Rub, Ryyb, Fury
Sandiria, Aleechia, Beserker
Sandiria, Sandiria, Uber level 70 Inquisitor! - DoE
Semsis, Semsis, Necromancer
Shailas, Shailas, Necromancer
Shailas, Lauraa, Human Warden
Shailas, Avaa, Gnome Bruiser
Shianne, Kyrah, Inquisitor
Siegurd, Siegurd, Mystic, Alchemist
Siegurd, Tohrn, Warlock, Sage
Siegurd, Majhor, monk, Outfiter
Siegurd, Kronach, shadow knight, Woodworker
Siegurd, Lhorien, Enchanter
Traxan, Ranger
Tzaj, Tzaj, Defiler
Tzaj, Twiddlethumbs, Summoner
Tzaj, Lurke, Warrior
Tzaj, Suzi, Assassin
Vicki, Shenarii, Fury
Vicki, Valdarien, Wizard
Vicki, Jazira, Channeler
Vicki, Javielle, Coercer
Vicki, Theera, Warden
Vicki, Zaphkiel, Assassin, Woodworker
Vicki, Iviara, Troubadour, Carpenter
Vicki, Ladrah, Beastmaster, Tailor
Vicki, Tizzlee, Warlock
Vince-Balstar, wizard, sage
Vince-Zygogg, Shadowknight, armorer
Wendy, Galarin, Paladin
Wendy, Galeemus, Swashbuckler
Wendy, Ignisse, Wizard
Wendy, Nohiir, Shadowknight
Wendy, Obscuraen, Necromancer
Wendy, Raemehdy, Fury
Wendy, Torquemo, Inquisitor
WMouse, Algier, Wizard
WhitC, Keiseada, Paladin, Weaponcrafter.
WhitC, Kisseoda, Mystic, Sage
WhitC, Kolumbo, Conjurer Provisioner-to-be
WhitC, Keladela, Ranger Woodworker
WhitC, Kesida, Wizard
WhitC, Kalukard, Shadowknight
Wynn, Genjiro, Bruiser

Antonia Bayle (RP)

WMouse, Luquin, Assassin

Lucan D'Lere

Asphyxia Lemiuex - Templar - Jeweler
Sashaara - Swashbuckler - Weaponsmith
Windsong Seafoamdancer - Troubador - Provisioner
Iniquity E'Fey - Inquisitor - Sage
Aegia - Defiler - Alchemist
Xingu - Mystic - Carpenter
Daisey - Paladin - Armorsmith
Sorcia - Illusionist - Tailor

Venekor (PvP)
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