Hellgate: London [Last updated 19th-Nov-07]

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Hellgate: London [Last updated 19th-Nov-07]

Postby WendyG » Mon Nov 05, 2007 12:10 am

Zooplius is the munificent leader of HA's Hellgate chapter: House_Arcanum. Add him to your friends list and ask him nicely for an invite.

Our enlightened leader also would like to share the following information with his demon hunting minions:

A character does not have to be online to receive a guild invite, note. Pop open the chat window as soon as you log on, and if you've been invited, there should be a line or three of text dealing with it. /gaccept

Popping the chat window is a prerequisite or you won't see invites or chat sent to you. Also, use /gchat for guild chat. Took me a while to figure out.

All hail Zooplius! :notworthy:

Here is who we are and where we are. Both Euro and US servers are available if you "Show All" on the logon screen.

Shulgoth (US Server)

Isabelle, Calya, Evoker
Isabelle, Elliya, Marksman
Isabelle, Talasta, Blademaster
Katier, Katier, Engineer
Lord Winter, Neikym, Blademaster
Lord Winter, Wyntore, Guardian
Lord Winter, Windryn, Engineer
Lord Winter, Wintyre, Marksman
Lys, Edonia, Evoker
Lys, Mandible, Blademaster
Pooz, Zooplius, Marksman
Q, Quel, Evoker
Q, Edulueq, Engineer (Misspelled his name :()
Wendy, Estoc, Blademaster
Wendy, Galarin, Guardian
Wendy, Ingenu, Engineer
Zyvalla, Balstar, Evoker
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