Age of Conan Guild Roster [December-2008]

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Age of Conan Guild Roster [December-2008]

Postby WendyG » Wed May 21, 2008 9:53 am

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European Servers

Mitra (PVE)

Mats, Gondviramur, 28, Dark Templar
Mats, Maikarant, 20, Conqueror
Mats, Donquesse, 11 Ranger
Mats, Mordaunt, 12 Priest of Mitra
Mats, Orel, 12 Barbarian
Mats, Keao, 15 Bear Shaman

US Servers

Omm server

Player Character Class Notes
Arkahm Harkahm Dark Templar Cimmerian
Arkahm Darkahm Demonologist Stygian
Cindy Anika Guardian Aquillonian
Cindy Ciarwen Herald of Xotl Stygian
Cindy Dyana Ranger Cimmerian
Cindy Salaine Tempest of Set Stygian
* Cindy Sindaria Dark Templar Aquilonian
* Cindy Synara Demonologist Stygian
* Cindy Valea Necromancer Stygian
Derine Kinadaelu Priest of Mitra Aquilonian
* Frank E Volther Bear Shaman
Gary Caiden Herald of Xotli Stygian, level 15 (in Tortage)
Gary Garold Conqueror Aquilonian, level 22 (in Aquilonia)
* Gary Jalil Ranger Cimmerian, level 24 (in Cimmeria)
* Gary Kirali Demonologist Stygian, level 22 (in Stygia)
* Gary Kristi Necromancer Stygian, level 16 (in Tortage)
* Gary Stoffe Tempest Of Set Stygian, level 17 (in Tortage)
Kacey Chaelin Conqueror Aquilonian
Kacey Anantha Demonologist Stygian
Kacey Shinobu Assassin Aquilonian
Isabelle Elli Ranger
Isabelle Lyrical Priest of Mitra
Katier Katier Ranger Cimmerian
Katier Sumal Tempest of Set Stygian
* Lord Winter Alloric Ranger
Lord Winter Brekk Guardian
Lord Winter Cyrce Assassin
Lord Winter Ravide Barbarian
Lord Winter Revenent Templar
Lord Winter Wintore Bear Shaman
Mara Ramara Tempest of Set
* Mara Ramielle Conqueror
* Mara Ramissa Barbarian
* Mara Rammas Herald of Xotli
Mats Orel Priest of Mitra Aquilonian
Mats Donquesse Guardian Aquilonian
Mats Maikarant Conqueror Cimmerian
Mats Mordaunt Barbarian Cimmerian
* Q Queue Bear Shaman

Note: A "*" in the first column denotes an officer in the guild.
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