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Warhammer Online Roster

Postby Frank E » Wed Sep 17, 2008 12:03 am

US Servers

Drifting Castle - Order


Player Name Character Name Class Notes
Arkahm Arkahm Dwarf Engineer
Entropyembrace Annikka Bright Wizard
Frank E Dorin Ironbreaker
Frank E Therion Burning Wizard
Ralt Ralt Warrior Priest
Rome Hodor ???
Devlin Devlin ???
Razzle Hermione Archmage
Razzle Harry Bright Wizard
Razzle Ron Runepriest
Razzle Hagrid Ironbreaker
Razzle Dumbledore Warrior Priest (Do youthink I should change this to "Albus" to avoid being dinged for a bad name?)
Razzle Mcgonagall White Lion
Razzle Neville Shadow Master
Razzle Ginny Blade Master
*Q* Queue Shadow Warrior
*Q* Rozaq Warrior Priest
Wireless Mouse Silvanus Swordmaster
Wireless Mouse Algier Witch Hunter
Wireless Mouse Exana Bright Wizard
Mara Ramiella
Pathfinder Uncapathy

Red Eye Mountain - Order

Player Name Character Name Class Notes
Entropyembrace Darjeeling Witch Hunter
Entropyembrace Wuyi War Priest
Entropyembrace Lapsang Bright Wizard
Entropyembrace Fujian White Lion
Entropyembrace Liuan Ironbreaker
Entropyembrace Yunnan Knight of the Blazing Sun
Gary Kristi Shadow Warrior Talisman Making/Scavenging
Gary Jalil Bright Wizard Apothecary/Butchering
Gary Caidan Witch Hunter Cultivation
Gary Garrold Ironbreaker Salvaging
Ralt Rudgeren War Priest
Ralt Samia White Lion
Razzle Hagridh Ironbreaker
Razzle Harryii Bright Wizard
Razzle Hermiione AM???
Razzle Ronn RP???
Wireless Mouse Silvanus Swordmaster
Wireless Mouse Exana Bright Wizard
Wireless Mouse Algier Witch Hunter

Azazel - Destruction

Player Name Character Name Class Notes
Entropyembrace Keemun Disciple of Khaine
Entropyembrace Meiren Witch Elf
Gary Kirali Sorceress
Wireless Mouse Algier Zealot

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[tr][td]Player[/td][td]Char[/td][td]Class[/td][td]Notes, if any[/td][/tr]

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Re: Warhammer Online Roster

Postby AndonSage » Sun Mar 01, 2009 3:18 am

I've moved my Red Eye Mountain characters to Iron Rock. I had to change the spelling of some names: Kristi -> Kristy, Caidan -> Caidaen, Garrold -> Garold

Gary, Kristy, Shadow Warrior, Talisman Making/Scavenging
Gary, Jalil, Bright Wizard, Apothecary/Butchering
Gary, Caidaen, Witch Hunter, Cultivation
Gary, Garold, Ironbreaker, Salvaging
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