Second Life Roster [03-Apr-2007]

House Arcanum Guild Roster. Who is who in what game? Find out all about it here... In memory of Rykan, original House Arcanum founder.

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Second Life Roster [03-Apr-2007]

Postby WendyG » Sun Sep 17, 2006 9:02 pm

Admins and moderators, if you see more than one message in this thread, it means the master list is in need of updating. Please incorporate the contents of the additional messages into the list then delete them.

Come visit the House Arcanum Party Pad

Player, Avatar

Asphyxia, Asphyxia Lemieux
EntropyEmbrace, Estella Jimenez
Cindy, Cindy Claveau
Doasa, Doasa Dassin
Fionne, Fionne Burleigh,
Fionne, Siobhan Connell
Geoff, Ricky Shaftoe
HaverCole, Haver Cole
Kacey, Iris Mirabeau
Katier, Katier Reitveld
Kiroho, Kiroho
Kristine, Kristine Debs
Leivi Esava, Leivi Maltese
Lysianassa, Danika Svarog
Marie D'Ancanto, Marie Lawson
Mats, Mats Deckard
Shailas, Shailas Metropolitan
Shianne, Fionne Burleigh
Stan, Stan Marlowe
Tatyana, Nerine Kasei
Ub-ick Esava, Ubick Assia
Vicki, Javi Riva
Wendy, Wendel Gascoigne
Wireless Mouse, Silas Mousehold

Feel free to correct and post to ask for additions.

If you haven't yet been invited to the House Arcanum in-game group, ask for for it next time you are online. It gives us a channel to conveniently chat together.

Come visit the House Arcanum Party Pad
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