Guild Wars Roster [09-Apr-2007]

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Guild Wars Roster [09-Apr-2007]

Postby WendyG » Sun Sep 17, 2006 9:02 pm

Last Update: 09-Apr-2007

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Player, Character, Primary / Secondary Class, Level, Pre/Post Searing?

Andrew, Ralt Gaithor, Ranger/Mesmer

EntropyEmbrace, Bai Mu Dan, W/Me, 20, Post

Cin, Valea Vixanne
Cin, Vixanne Devore
Cin, Sinda ???

Fardaza, Gargan Tuval, W/E, 10, Post
Fardaza, Wynndor Dasqul, Mo/Me, 9, Post
Fardaza, Endra Lynn, Ran/ ,5, Pre

Gary, Kristii Morningstar, Ranger / Elementalist, 10

Geoff, James Quicksilver, Elementalist/Monk

Kacey, Constance Moreaux, Mesmer/Necro, 7, Post
Kacey, Ayame Nanashi, Necro, 5, Factions
Kacey, Severina Naos, Warrior/Dervish, 10, Nightfall

Katier, Katier Rax, Ranger/Monk - Nightfall

Leif, Beeswort Thistlebur, Ranger/Elementalist, 8, post
Leif, Arrian ni Sinnach, Elementalist/Monk, 9, post
Leif, Snowblossom de Lys, Mesmer/Monk, 7, pre
Leif, Delilah Van Cleef, Necro/Monk, 8, post

Lord Winter, Alloric Winter, Wa/?,9,Post

Mats, Mordaunte Short, El/Me, 4, Pre
Mats, Erie Turtledove, Mesmer/Monk, 7, pre-Searing
Mats, Orel Ottakringer, Warrior/Necro, 10, Post
Mats, Zeven Provincien , Ranger / ?, 8, Post

Pooz, Hand of Yama, ???
Pooz, Poozie Ascendent, ?, ?, Pre
Pooz, Poozlius Hutlosium, ?,?,Pre

Reahan: Leliana Kai, W/Mo 20, Post
Reahan: Crystah Kai, A/Mo 20, Factions
Reahan: Matia Kai, Ra/Mo 20, Factions..Completed all Factions missions but last one
Reahan: Shaylynn Kai, E/N 20, Factions
Reahan: Tashi Kai, Mo/Ra 20 Factions..completed all Prophecies and Factions missions.. was working on Nightfall..short a couple titles max from being "A Big Deal"
Reahan: Janeia Kai, Par/W 20, Nightfall...completed all Nightfall missions

Rome, Fuchsia Farstrider, Ranger/Elem, 10, Post

Shianne, Anya Al Meara - Ranger/Monk 14, Retired
Shianne, Aoife (pronounced Efa) Mac Nessa - Warrior/Ranger 9, Retired

Siegurd, Siegurd Clouddancer, Warrior/Monk, 11, Post
Siegurd, Wile Coyote, Ranger/?, 4, Pre

Vicki, Javi Elendriel, Ranger/Elem 10, Post
Vicki, Theera Starwind, Elem/Ranger 9, Post

Wendy, Galarin Vixanfreond, Warrior/ ?, 2,Pre
Wendy, Obscuraen Mortis, Nec/ Ranger, 9,Post
Wendy, Pooja Dhanya, Monk / Mesmer, 10,Post
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