Star Wars Galaxies House Arcanum Player Roster [Aug-29]

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Star Wars Galaxies House Arcanum Player Roster [Aug-29]

Postby WendyG » Sun Sep 17, 2006 9:04 pm

Last Update: 29-Aug-2004

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Player, Character, Profession Info, Additional Info

Andrew, Taenos, "Novice TKA, Novice Commando, Novice Creature Handler"
Athakar, Athakar, "Teras Kasi Master, Master Artisan, Scout 4/0/4/0, novice Chef",
Bruce, Boe, Master Droid Engineer,
Colleen, Soede', "Artisan, Entertainer, Tailor in training",
Razzle, Ricky, "Master Musician,Master Entertainer, Carbineer 4/3/2/3",
Razzle, Ronny, "Master Politician, Novice Commando",
Gulwolf, Gulwolf, Can't keep up with the changes :),
Isabelle, Ayala, Not sure, On vacation in Rubi-ka
Maplewood: Miryhn, "Working on Mast Doc and Mast Rifleman" - Chilastra
Shianne, Shianne, "Novice Dancer 1-2-3-3, Novice Artisan 3-3-4-2, Novice Merchant"
Trini, Trinster, "Master Shipwright"
Wendy, Ka'neka, "Master Entertainer, Musician 0/2/2/2, Dancer 0/0/1/2, Medic 1/1/0/0",
Wendy, Medecihn, Master Doctor,

BRIA Galaxy

Player, Character, Profession Info, Additional Info

Colleen, Soede', "Novice Entertainer, Cantina Crawler",
Shianne, Kirahfaye Ashlin, "Master Dancer, Teras Kasi Novice, Novice Tailor"
Wendy, Wendel Shootingstar, "Apprentice Musician Apprentice Dancer",


Player, Character, Profession Info, Additional Info

Geoff, Rick, "Novice Entertainer, Novice Artisan",
Shianne, Glin Olim, "Novice Entertainer, Novice Brawler"


Player, Character, Profession Info, Additional Info

Geoff, Richie, "Master Musician, Master Entertainer",
Geoff, Riccardo, Novice Artisan,
Bruce, Bowook, ,
Shianne, Shianne, "Novice Medic, Novice Artisan, Novice Entertainer"
Wendy, Wendel Regoli, Entertainer 0/0/2/0,


Player, Character, Profession Info, Additional Info

Athakar, Athakar, "Teras Kasi Master, Brawler 4/0/0/0, Master Scout, Master Ranger, Medic 0/0/2?/0".
Razzle, Richie, "Dark Jedi Knight Enforcer, Master Jedi Defense, Master Force Powers, Light Saber 0404",
Razzle, Riccardo, "Jedi Padawan, Novice Light Saber",
Bruce, Bowook, Jedi Padawan,

Note 1: If you want to add information on several professions, please either do not use commas to separate them or enclose the whole field in doublequotes and then feel free to use commas within. For example: "Entertainer 1-3-3-3, Scout 1-0-0-0, Medic 2-1-0-0".

Note 2: If you are using Internet Explorer, you can use CTRL + F to bring up the Find dialog. This allows you to quickly locate a piece of text (player or char name) on the page. Also, the CSV formatted information can easily be copy and pasted into Excel or turned into a table in Word, allowing you to process the data as you see fit.



I still play, all though not as much as I used to.

my main character
is Kopren on Eclipse, she is a elder jedi light jedi

on eclipse I also have Kothmi and Krose
Kothmi is a master entertainer
Krose is a level 60 imperial commando.

on TC1
I belong to unity
Krose again is a Imperial Elder Commando/Master Commando
Pub 9 Dark Overlord tester.
Kothmi is a Elder Dancer/musican/ID, and remains the same today
she has also been a Jedi
Illacca is a master smugler

Kothmi is an Elder Dancer from the Cantina Crawl days

Kopren is an Elder DE & Shipwright
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