Console Online Gaming Roster (XBox Live, PSN, Wii)

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Console Online Gaming Roster (XBox Live, PSN, Wii)

Postby WendyG » Sun Sep 17, 2006 9:05 pm

Please, feel free to add us to your friends list and let us know if you get an account and want to join in the fun...

XBox Live Gamer Tags

Darren, Eduleuq, Link to my detailed gamercard
Delphia, DelMadok
Gnar, GnarMustDie
Stan, Stans Queen, Link to my detailed gamercard
Shailas, Shailas
Wendy, Wendelius, Link to my detailed gamercard
Wireless Mouse, WMouse , Link to my detailed gamercard

PSN Gamer Tags

Player Name Gamer Tag
Gary AndonSage
Shailas ShailasDarkleigh
Wireles Mouse WMouse

Nintendo Wii Numbers

Katier, 1384 9291 6312 8781
Madok, 3375 0678 9226 4461
Shailas, 2765 8240 9695 2138
Simon, 7510 3456 1985 3017
Tom, 5229 0662 2438 1550
Wendy, 7225 8849 3623 7013

How to add people to your contacts on the Wii:

Your Wii unique number is located in the address book. That itself is located in the create a message option in the message section of the Wii menu (mail icon).

To add someone, use the "Register" button and enter their unique number. They will NOT get any message or confirmation of this. So no spam or annoying pop ups. But if your recipient also registers your number (same process), their name goes from grey to black in the address book and you can now exchange messages, Miis and other goodies.

Your Mii(s) can travel to your friends' Wii and appear in their game (e.g. Wii sports). For this to happen, go to the Mii Plaza and enable the "Travel" option. Then edit your Mii and enable the "Mingle" option on the Miis you want to wander around. Your Mii can not be altered by the other player. It's just a visitor and background characters on his/her console.
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