Neverwinter Roster (Open Beta)

House Arcanum Guild Roster. Who is who in what game? Find out all about it here... In memory of Rykan, original House Arcanum founder.

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Neverwinter Roster (Open Beta)

Postby shailas » Fri Apr 26, 2013 7:35 pm

Neverwinter Roster

Server: Beholder

Player Character Class Handle
AndonSage Kristi Morningstar Devoted Cleric @bookguy
AndonSage Jalil Dreamcrusher Control Wizard
Cindy Naya Rogue
Cindy Sinda Devore Control Wizard
Cindy Valea Devore Devoted Cleric
Derine Kinadaelu Devoted Cleric
Derine Saena Silverblade Guardian Fighter
Doc Hammerstaff Great Weapon Fighter @dochobbes
Doc Crowbait Trickster Rogue
Doc Ominessah Control Wizard
Doc Anumberone Guardian Fighter
Doc Asterius Devoted Cleric
Fionne Keheley Lightbearer Devoted Cleric
Frede Kennicotti Devoted Cleric
Frede Lineatus Control Wizard
Frede Toebiter Rogue
Leif Snowblossom Farwood Devoted Cleric
Leif Arrian Farwood Rogue
Pathfinder Pathalone Guardian Fighter @ofpathfinder
Pathfinder Pathlena Devoted Cleric
Pathfinder Pathagrus Great Weapon Fighter
Pathfinder Pathlorna Control Wizard
Q Eduleuq Rogue
Rome Serery Devoted Cleric @groucho48
Rome Fuchsia Trickster Rogue
Rome Taldemar Guardian Fighter
Rome Jaogi Control Wizard
Shailas Shailas Darkleigh Control Wizard
Shailas Solaraa Darkleigh Great Weapon Fighter
Shailas Kalee K'Shai Devoted Cleric
Tom Regdar Shieldheart Guardian Fighter @lazyboy242
Vicki Iviara Thistlesing Rogue @theerastar
Vicki Valdarien Control Wizard
Vicki Theera Devoted Cleric
Wendy Galarin Guardian Fighter @obscuraen
Wendy Lacrimosa Devoted Cleric
Zyvalla Balstar Control Wizard @Zyvalla
Zyvalla Zyvalla Rogue
Zyvalla Zymli Great Weapon Fighter
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